Celebrating Fr. Soane’s Retirement

Dear Parishioners and Ministry Coordinators,

As we prepare to give Fr. Soane a meaningful and spectacular send-off to his well-deserved retirement during this still lurking threat of COVID-19 situation, the Divine Mercy Parish Transition Team is inviting all ministries/parishioners to a YOUTUBE LIVE RETIREMENT CELEBRATION!

We have prepared a program that will celebrate our LOVE, RESPECT AND APPRECIATION for what Fr. Soane has meant for us for the past ten (10) years, not only to the parishioners at Divine Mercy Parish but also to the entire Diocese of Sacramento!

We will be producing a mix of live and pre-recorded messages and we invite you as an individual, family or ministry to submit a video greeting of gratitude or best wishes/happy retirement for Fr. Soane. Video recording should NOT exceed 1 minute. Here is a sample video: Sample Video

If you wish to participate, we need your video submitted on or before June 21st in order to get it incorporated in the presentation during the celebration. Just make sure to introduce yourself or your family or your ministry group at the start of the video so it can be edited and arranged properly. You can send your video to aplantilla@gmail.com.

The whole program is limited to two (2) hours, please understand that if we are unable to include your video in the program due to time constraints, we will ensure that all the video recordings submitted to us will be included as part of Fr. Soane’s retirement gift.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

DM Parish Transition Team