Divine Mercy Catholic Church – Our Blessed History

In late 2004, a small group of Catholics in the Natomas area gathered and discussed celebrating Mass in our local community.

This gathering of Catholics led to Divine Mercy Parish being formed during 2005 and Fr. Cesar Ageas being installed as the Pastor. Members of the new Parish met with the Bishop’s Office to discuss plans of building a new church and the plans advanced with the Diocese purchasing land and the Rectory in Natomas. During this evolving period, Mass was being celebrated in a local school.

In 2007, the first of four Capital Campaigns began and thanks to many dedicated parishioners, we received pledges totalling $1.1 million. Plans were completed for the new church to accommodate 500 plus parishioners and construction began in 2008.

During 2009, with the generosity of our parishioners’ pledges and a loan of $3.5 million from the Diocese, our new church was completed and dedicated in September.

2010 began with the appointment of our new Pastor, Fr. Soane Kaniseli. Our second of four Capital Campaigns began and included the costs for portable rooms to meet the needs of our growing Parish. Once again, our generous parishioners pledged $1.0 million.

The blessing of our continued parish growth, coupled with the generosity of our faithful parishioners, will support us in our third Capital Campaign beginning in 2015, to further reduce our mortgage debt of $3.1 million.

When our current loan of $3.1 million is paid, our Parish will be able to begin the next phase of growth and build our final Church.