Announcements (Page 3)

COVID-19 Preparedness at Divine Mercy

We should not fear an outbreak of pandemic at Divine Mercy Catholic Church, such as has happened in Dixon. However the incident gives us an opportunity to recap the various steps that Father, Business and Facilities as well as the Security and Ushers Ministry have taken to protect you from contracting the virus when you attend Mass. Do not fear coming to Mass! There isn’t anything about safety, sanitizing and ensuring social distancing that hasn’t been shared with you on our website ( , in the e-bulletin and posted in the church.
After receiving the news that the church would reopen; Father Soane enlisted the very best of resources to make sure everyone could return to worship and feel comfortable and safe.

Fr. Soane’s Retirement Message to Divine Mercy Parishioners

Divine Mercy is the last parish I will serve in active ministry. It feels somewhat like Divine Mercy Parish is the only parish that I served in. The time that I have spent here is the longest that I have served in one community since my ordination in 1987. As I prepare to leave I find my growth as a priest is due to the great and various contributions you’ve made to my experiences during the time that we have shared together. It is with a very grateful and joyful heart that I prepare for continued service to our God, yet in a different capacity.