Finance Council

The Finance Council is comprised of several parishioners, selected by the pastor, who assist with the financial oversight of the parish. Members generally have a background in accounting, finance, and business ownership. The Finance Council is part of a system of checks and balances required by the Diocese of Sacramento.

Leader: Michael Woodcheke

Divine Mercy Finance Council

Functions as a consultative body to the Pastor, and consists of selected professionals to advise the Pastor in four key areas: (1) preparation of the annual operating budget; (2) long term financial planning; (3) annual parish financial report, which is submitted to the Diocesan Bishop; and (4) annual and periodic financial reports to the faithful. […]

Calling all Parishioners in the Accounting or Finance Field!

The Parish is in need of volunteers to serve on the Finance Council. The council is an advisory group to our Pastor in all financial matters of the parish including normal business operations, the preparation of the annual operating budget, presentation of the annual parish financial reports, and for long-term financial planning to support the parish growth.
For those that are interested, please submit a short resume summarizing your experience to the Parish Office.