Stewardship Team

Guided by scripture, the Christian steward is a person whose prayer leads to a constant awareness that God is the creator of all blessings in life. He is the origin of life, giver of freedom, and the source of all things. Jesus presented the ultimate gift to God — the gift of His life — and we, too, are called to follow in Jesus’ footsteps by:
• Receiving God’s gifts gratefully
• Cultivating them responsibly
• Sharing them lovingly in justice with others and
• Returning them with increase to the Lord.

2019 Stewardship Survey Results

Your feedback gave us tools to execute and focus this year’s Stewardship drive. We acknowledge and thank those who provided additional comments. While we cannot act on some of these comments (they are not within the scope of our Council’s responsibilities), we will share them with our Pastoral and Finance Councils. We will act on those comments that are within our scope of responsibility.