Media Ministry

Mission Statement: “It is our mission to present our faith and Parish in a visually inspiring manner by capturing what Divine Mercy Parish offers our community, as we journey on the stairway to heaven.”

Goal: The Media Ministry’s goal is to visually capture everything that Divine Mercy Parish offers. Through film the Media Ministry will present “our” faith in an inspiring manner. Will encourage our Parish to visualize the future of or Church as we walk the stairway to heaven.

Questions regarding the film, content, or next steps can be directed to the Parish Office at 916-256-3134 or email to

Our Stairway to Heaven Movie

Divine Mercy Catholic Church proudly anticipates the release of … “Our Stair-way to Heaven”, a movie that captures our Divine Mercy Parish life from yester-day, today and looks toward tomorrow! Get ready! Divine Mercy is making a movie!

Cameras will be rolling after Mass next weekend while we enjoy fellowship with each other.