Church Etiquette

What is the proper etiquette at Church?


Arriving on Time

Please make every effort to arrive on time for Mass.


Proper Attire

Please remember to wear your Sunday best for church. Dress should be modest and not attract undue attention. This reflects a respect for Jesus, self, and others at Mass.


Preparing for Mass

Please prepare your offering before Mass, this practice helps the collection process move quickly.



Please remember to silence all cell phones and pagers before entering the church. Please turn off all other electronic devices.



No food or drink in church, except for children or those that are ill. Dispose of chewing gum prior to entering the sanctuary. No food or drink in church, except for children or those that are ill. Dispose of chewing gum prior to entering the sanctuary.



Please maintain a reverent silence in the main body of the church, respecting the liturgy and those who wish to pray privately before and after Mass.  Conversation should be limited to the Narthex.  Please take loud children out of the sanctuary, so they do not disturb the Mass.


Receiving Communion

You normally receive the Communion by hand but if you prefer to receive it by tongue, please go to the line for the Priest as the Eucharistic Ministers are not allowed to give Communion by tongue. See topic below.


Leaving Before the Final Blessing

The time after Communion gives us an opportunity to offer thanks for the gift we have received. The final Blessing is an important part of the Mass. At the dismissal, our commission is to go out and spread the good news of Jesus Christ is celebrated. Please remember that the celebrant should be the last person to enter and the first one to Leave Mass.

Receiving Holy Communion

Bow Your Head

As you approach the minister, bow your head reverently as a sign of devotion to the Lord’s Presence in the Eucharist.

Receiving the Body of Christ by Hand

If you receive on the hand, hold both hands up, one on top of the other, making a throne to receive your Lord and King. After the minister says “The Body of Christ”, please respond clearly, “Amen”. Allow the minister to place the Host in your hand.

Receiving the Body of Christ by Tongue

If you receive on the tongue, say “Amen” first, then extend your tongue out of your mouth. Only the Priest is allowed to give the Body of Christ by tongue.

Receiving the Blood of Christ

If you receive from the chalice, again bow your head as you approach the minister, say “Amen” clearly, and take the chalice with both hands.

Christ is Present

Christ is fully present—Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity—under both species, in the smallest fragment of a Host, and in the smallest drop of the Precious Blood.

Communion Hymn

The Communion hymn allows us to join our voices as a sign of our unity in Christ that we experience through Holy Communion. There will be time for silent prayer after the hymn concludes.